Marketing Channels And Physical Distribution of Ford, General Motors & Honda

1. Research paper should provide the current state of the channel distribution on Ford, General Motors & Honda (its structure, members, allocation of channel functions and flows, policies, ability to meet customer demand for service outputs, gap analysis, power and conflict issues). Provide efficiency template, gap analysis for the purpose of examining the margins enjoyed by various channel members, fairness etc. —————————–

2. Provide information on what benefits can Ford, GM & Honda receive from going on line. ——————————-

3. Provide the constraints/costs/conflicts Ford, GM & Honda will face by going on line. ——————————-

4. Provide Ford, GM & Honda’s present plans for incorporating the internet into their distribution system. ——————————-

5. Provide information on what Fort, GM & Honda should do in terms of influence strategies, conflict resolution mechanisms, policies for channel members (product, pricing, market coverage), functions performed by online channel, compensation structures and channel structure. ——————————-

6. The Research/report should be 5-10 pages long, excluding appendices and exhibits. The work must be original and all references must be properly cited.

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