Master of management for Human Resources Management program.

please focus on the management of human resources . that is for master program admission .

I. 2008-2012 School: University of western Ontario (Western University)
Major: Specialization in Economics
Degree: Bachelor of Arts

III. 09/2004-07/2007 School: Shanghai University
Major: International Accounting
Degree: Diploma
Work Experience 2015.06- present : working in family business( construction company ) do accounting and marketing
2014.2- 2015.03 GD Restaurant; Assistant Manger
2013.11- 2014.2 GD Restaurant; Waitress
2008.6- 2008.8 Tian Tian Real Estate construction company ( my family business) assisting accountant to verify the
salary slips and finished the financial statement in the end of a month. Meanwhile
I studied and practically operate the computer finance software. ( in the future my family need me to study the management program in order to manage our family business )

I. I helped the WESTERN CHINESE ASSOCIATION to organize student activities and prepare materials including
paperwork, site and property. I built up my comprehensive organizing ability through such kind of jobs.
II. As a volunteer I took part in the annual Victoria Fireworks Day in London. There I preserved the site order,
provided the water also clean and classify the rubbish. Thanks to this issue I learnt the spirit of dedication, the
pleasure of share and the awareness of cooperation.

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