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Coursework: Essay

Essay Question
Explain how market forces determine equilibrium price and quantity in a product market. Show how, other things equal, the price mechanism ensures that equilibrium is stable. With the use of diagrams, discuss four factors that will lead to a change in market equilibrium.

Your essay should be written throughout in the context of ONE product market of your choice.

Guidance for students


The question should be answered in essay format (introduction, main body and conclusion)
The word count is 1000 words (plus or minus10%). Marks will be deducted for essays that are too long or too short
Essays should be mostly in your own words – short quotations are allowed but should be used infrequently and be correctly referenced. Textbook and other academic sources used (a minimum of 3) should be appropriately referenced within the essay. Diagrams should also be correctly labelled and the source should be acknowledged
A bibliography of referenced material (not included in the word count) should be provided on a separate page at the end of the essay
All essays are to be word processed

Marks will be allocated for your essay based on the following criteria:

Essay Content

Knowledge, understanding and application
Analysis and argument
Use of research-informed literature

2. Communication & Presentation Skills

Paragraph and sentence structure
Spelling and vocabulary
Essay structure


Students should submit both of the following:

An electronic copy of the essay via turnitin on the KLE
A printed hardcopy to the ISC office

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