Mindmap Your Topic and Discover a Research Question

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you are required to create a mind map in a visual presentation for submittal. You can use a program of your choice (Word, Excel, InDesign, etc.), or scan an actual drawing. If you create a mind map using an alternative method, please verify the file format with your Mentor to assure that s/he can view it in its finished state.

Now that have explored some preliminary ideas, you can begin to formulate potential research questions and hypotheses  the next step in the research process. Sometimes the most common question or occurrence can be an intriguing topic.
As you learned in your readings, almost any topic can be researched, as long as there are reputable resources available to support the study. This activity helps you to write a research question that you will explore throughout this course.

Chapter 2 of Cozby reviews possible sources of ideas: common sense, observation of the world, theories, and past research. For this part of the activity, listen to and observe the world around you  conversations, radio and television broadcasts, newspaper articles, magazines, and internet websites  to identify possible research questions that relate to your chosen topic as you have depicted it in your mind map. Based on your observations and textbook readings, think of three behavioral research questions that will guide your efforts in creating a research proposal. Next, develop a hypothesis for each question. Here is an example of how these steps might look:
Behavioral Research Question:
Research Hypothesis (Prediction)
Submit the work you’ve done in this activity in one document that includes:
Your mind map graphic pasted into the document.
A brief narrative in which you reflect on your brainstorming experience. How did this process affect your thinking about your proposed topic and your process of formulating a question? What are some other techniques that might help to expand and focus an idea? Be sure to incorporate citations from the two mind mapping articles that you read for this activity.
Your three research questions and corresponding hypotheses. Indicate the question you chose to explore, and explain why this question especially interests you.
Speculate on what research might say in answer to the question you choose.


Cozby, P. C.   (2012).  Methods in behavioral research  11th ed.   New York:   McGraw Hill.   ISBN: 9780078035159

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