Miss Evers’ Boys

I need to answer the following questions about the movie Miss Ever’s Boys:
1. Was the study approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB)?
2. Was informed consent obtained from the participants? How did the Government receive consent from the participants?
3. Was there provision for anonymity or confidentiality for the study participants?
4. Was the study participants coerced into participating in the study, if so, how was it done?
5. What were the benefits and the risk for participating in the study?
6. Were the participants provided opportunity to ask questions about the study?
7. What was the role of the nurse in the study? Explain your answer and why you believe that was the role of the nurse.
8. Write a brief self-reflection (at least two paragraphs in length) about the movie. What did you get from the movie, and how did the movie influence your thoughts about research and what are some suggestions you would give to Miss Evers?

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