Movie Review, Other

Project description
Here are some questions to ask yourself to begin understanding music video:

Is the music video based in real life, or does it take place in a fantasy world?
Is the way the artist is portrayed in the video really how that person dresses in real life?
Consider how the musician is dressed– is that how regular people dress?
Consider the actions taken by the artist in the video–would they really do these things in real life?
What is the benefit for the musician to portray him or herself this way?
Does the video portray people in stereotypical ways? Are these reflections of real people or are they just one-sided character?
Consider the editing–how does the frequency of cuts from shot to shot affect how you feel about the video?
Consider the setting–why did the director choose this location or setting?
Overall, as you analyze and interpret the message, reflect on why there are many music videos with sexually explicit content, (please try to go beyond a superficial analysis that says \”sex sells,\” instead provide counter-hegemonic and alternative readings, can you find a way to replace image, language and narrative without compromising the artistic content, intention and creativity?

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