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Art music of the late 20th and early 21st century is more diverse than any earlier point in history. The forms, types of compositions, combinations of instrumental colors and use of voice continue to expand the boundaries. Now is a chance to do some research on your own.

This discussion assignment should reflect your study of, and research about, a piece of music you select from the works by one of the composers in the list below.

60 points Main posting: 400-500 words. Find a piece of music by one of the compsers in the list, below. Do some background research on it, to provide interesting factual background about the piece and how it fits into the music of its time and that composer’s career. Include at least two musical decriptions with track timings, which are meant to point out something interesting in the track(s) you provide for others students to listen to. Use Naxos static urls to link your music. Your main posting MUST include a correct Naxos static url and a bibliography at the end with a url linking to at least one source other than the ebook


Composer List:

The composers on this list all have many selections that are easily found in Naxos Music Library. Music for this assignment MUST be by one of these composers, and linked with a Naxos static url.

John Adams

Salvador Brotons

George Crumb

Tan Dun

Philip Glass

Henryk Gorecki

Libby Larsen

Arvo Part

John Tavener

Joan Tower

Ellen Taaffe Zwilich


  • Your choice of music is limited to works by composers in the list, above. No other music may be substituted.
  • Do not rehash a piece of music covered in the ebook, that does not demonstrate that you understand the material enough to do your own research.
  • Use your own words to describe the music you hear, that will result in a more meaningful posting for your fellow students. Simply copying and pasting musical jargon the you do not understand does not demonstrate that you studied the music with care.
  • You MUST supply a correct Naxos Static url to link your music

You MUST provide a correct url(s)to your research source(s) at the end of your posting, so that other students reading it can investigate your sources, too. Please do not list the ebook, we assume everyone has read that.