Networks of Networks

Research Project Assignment 1

Please submit your assignment via Blackboard.

Instructions: You should have already provided me with a sub-section from the first three weeks of lecture on which you will conduct some further research. Obtain four peer reviewed journal articles that are closely related to that topic. You may use the link below for help in obtaining studies relevant to each chapter of the text.

Ensure that at least two of your chosen articles are analytical in nature. That is, it includes either a quantitative or qualitative approach to assessing the research question.

In two to three pages present a summary of your chosen articles. Describe how each paper is related to your specific topic. Explain the research question, describe the conceptual framework under which the question is being evaluated, and describe the key arguments made in the study. If the paper is analytic, explain the data and methods use to obtain results. Summarize your major take-away from the articles.

Please ensure that your writing is clear and concise. Your submission will be assessed based on the above listed requirements.

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