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DQ1 Analyze how managing change can influence the effectiveness of human resources in the organization. Then discuss the impact of organizational development and how it can enhance the effectiveness of organizations within their internal and external forces.

DQ2 Compare and contrast two organizations within a particular industry and discuss how and why one organization kept pace with consumer expectations and the other organization did not. Use the ProQuest Database for information regarding specific organizations.

DQ3 Discuss the value of effective communication and working with teams to create positive change acceptable for most stakeholders; thus, reducing the number of people resisting the change process within organizations.

DQ4 Discuss how organizations can use different types of incentives to influence change behaviors and reinforce those behaviors over time. Why are incentives powerful? What examples of incentives have you experienced either as a leader or a follower that have been effective?

DQ5 Recognize the influence of senior executives on organizational change and discuss possible strategies for building trust within the change process. Explain what pitfalls management must take care to avoid and include why.

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