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Leadership Interview Guidelines Description: This assignment provides the student the opportunity to interview a nurse who practices in a leadership and/or management role to gain an understanding about the responsibilities and challenges he/she face in today’s complex health care arena. Course Objectives: This assignment contributes to achievement of all course objectives but has particular relevance for objectives which address principles of change, communication, critical thinking and leadership/management styles. Guidelines: 1. Select a nurse who acts in the role of a leader or manager. This may be a leader or manager in acute care, community agencies, research, academia, or leading a professional organization. 2. Contact this person by phone or email and request a personal interview. 3. Wear professional clothes and a lab coat, or your uniform with your ID clearly displayed for your appointment. 4. Prepare for your interview by writing at least 5 questions designed to help you gain a better understanding about what skills are necessary to be an effective leader, and what challenges leaders in nursing encounter. You may want to know how this nurse has prepared themselves for their role, which has influenced them during their career, what principles and values guide their practice? What are their most pressing concerns about our profession and how do they envision nursing’s future? These are just some suggestions. 5. Reflect on your meeting and write a 3 page paper which communicates to the reader a. why you selected this individual b. how theoretical content can be applied to what you learned about leadership c. some conclusions about what you will most remember about this interview as you begin your practice 6. Your paper must be in APA style/format, 12 point font, double spaced with appropriate citations as needed. 7. Please be sure to send a thank you note to your leader. 8. Ask for your leader’s signature on the Interview Documentation form and attach this to your paper upon submission. Leadership Interview Assignment Evaluative Criteria *Attach this form to your paper upon submission. Student: ________________________________ Date: ___________ A. Evidence of Consent for Interview (5 points) B. Leadership Profile Report 1. Title (5 points) a. Engages the reader 2. Description (40 points) a. Describes the leader/manager by telling their story 3. Leadership Application (50 points) a. Describes what was learned about leadership in the selected role. b. Demonstrates evidence of applying theoretical content from class. C. Draws conclusions about how this experience has influenced their own future professional development. Up to 10 points may be deducted for errors are APA style, format, and not following directions. GRADE: _____________________ COMMENTS:

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