Organic foods

My thesis for this paper is: \”Eating organic food has positive benefits because it is better for the environment, safer to eat, and more nutritional than conventional food.\”A minimum of 9 sources must be used and it must be a variety and not the same type (a mix of websites, magazine articles, books, etc.). I will provide some websites below so if it is helpful to pull info from there, please do so.It is important to focus the search beyond the surface argument that eating organic is beneficial. Investigate the impact of higher costs or availability especially in poorer neighborhoods or explore the history of pesticides and how our food sources came to be so reliant on them, or consider looking into the way pesticides accumulate in our bodies or even explore whether pesticide use to determine whether it is harmful in the long run. Most of us intuitively believe organic food is better for us so I want to broaden beyond that argument and explore some deeper, related issue to organics.Websites to consider pulling information from:

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