Organisational behavior

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 The assessment regime for MG2555 includes the following elements:

    1. Personal Development Plan (Personal and Professional Objectives/Skills Analysis/Task Breakdown Analysis/Role Context Analysis) [10%]
    2. Assignment (2,000 words) examining reflection on theory and practice related to aspects of organisational behaviour including teamwork, leadership, communication practices and learning [45%]
    3. Placement Report (2,000 words) details knowledge of the organisation in which the student worked (including field of activity and nature of the organisation), technical details of the placement role, an analysis of the organisation and its behaviour, and an analysis of the personal development of the student during the placement [45%]





The module provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, qualities, skills and other attributes in the following areas:


  • Apply technical knowledge and skills acquired at University in the work place environment in addition to the development of new work-based knowledge and skills
  • Reflect on personal performance and professional development
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written forms in a clear, concise and accurate manner
  • Understand how to work effectively whether independently or as part of a team





This is the second of three assessed pieces of work for MG2555. It seeks to help you reflect on theory and its application in the work place. An important aspect of this process for someone studying for a University degree is an ability to look at theory and its practice with a critical eye.


Please note that this assignment is necessarily generic. Students in the BBS work placement scheme come from three BSc Business and Management pathways (‘General’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Accounting’), from the BSc in International Business degree and from the BSc Business Studies and Sports Science degree. The breadth of academic interest is mirrored by an even broader range of jobs undertaken by BBS ‘sandwich students’ during their placement year, and employers can be large or small and can come from public, private or charity/social enterprise sectors. The heterogeneity of job and work context obliges examiners to adopt a highly generic framework through which to ask questions. Your answer however will offer detailed arguments.


In preparation for answering the assignment question, you need to study your PebblePad blog and read relevant theory in academic sources for the subject areas under investigation. Support material for this assignment can be found on the Blackboard Learn MG2555 facility. Queries about this assignment should be written to the discussion facility on Blackboard Learn.


Write an account (2000 words) based on your placement experience that focuses on theory and its practice in regard to the following areas:

a)    Communication

b)    Learning

c)    Teamwork

d)    Leadership


SUBMISSION: 20th March 2013 by 12.00 Noon (UK)

Marking Guidelines
Quality of Placement Assignment Grade Descriptor 100%
Excellent work overall with all aspects of the work complete, well-presented and of a high quality; strong narrative thread that demonstrates an excellent grasp of subject matter; strong sense of critique with excellent synthesis of materials from different sources; very well referenced; all tables/graphs are accurately presented and appropriately labeled A 70-100 marks
Very good work overall with nearly all aspects of the work complete, well-presented and of a sound quality; good narrative thread that demonstrates a sound grasp of subject matter; critique evident with good synthesis of materials from different sources; well-referenced; tables/graphs are accurately presented and appropriately labelled B 60-69 marks
Good work overall with most aspects of the work substantially complete, well-presented and of a reasonable quality; reasonable narrative thread; includes referenced materials from different sources; tables/graphs are accurately presented and appropriately labelled for the most part C 50-59 marks
Adequate work overall with a number of the aspects of the work complete and of a reasonable quality; some element of a narrative thread; use of referenced sources; tables/graphs are accurately presented and/or are appropriately labelled for the most part D 40-49 marks
Inadequate work overall with many aspects of the work incomplete or badly-presented and/or of a poor quality, and/or poor narrative thread, and/or many of the tables/graphs are inaccurately presented and/or inappropriately labelled E/F 0-39 marks

UG grades and grade point bands [Senate Regulation 2 (2009 starters onwards)] are: A* (17), A+ (16), A (15), A- (14), B+ (13), B (12), B- (11), C+ (10), C (9), C- (8), D+ (7), D (6), D- (5), E+ (4), E (3), E- (2), F (1)