Our Process

When ready to make your order just click the order button that appears on every page on our site. The link directs you to our order page where you can place your order. Although you could choose to go to our order page directly. Once there enter the required personal details that include your name and email address also physical address that may include the country code, this information is important for our recording purposes.

 When done providing us with your personal information you can place your preferred order plus all the information that is needed given including all specifications on how the paper is to be done from your tutor. Remember to specify clearly in your order information the type of paper it you want that is either Personal statement, dissertation, reaction paper or research paper and also give us the preferred topic that suites your order. Also inform us what type of order it’s supposed to be usually either premium or standard and include your preferred spacing this is for accountability during payments period since it’s done according to number of pages. It’s also very important to let us know the currency that you are going to use.

Provide us with any other instructions for instance let us know if you want your paper in United Kingdom format or USA. The preferred length of your bibliography is required plus your expectations on the entire paper no matter how minute they might seem. If there happens to be discounting program by the time you place your order we will the automatically do the required deductions by the time you do your payment.

To ensure that your details are accurate we will give you an opportunity to go through the details you enter before you upload the order. This step is very important especially when you need to check if the money that is on your credit card is sufficient to pay for your order. When you are certain that it’s enough you are now good to go. We then assign you a writer who will work on your order and you can relax while waiting for the delivery of your completed paper on your specified deadline.

If by any chance it’s your first time to work with our company we have a system which helps you open an account. This account makes it easier for you to make another order with us the next time you require our services. You will also be enabled you to access all the orders you have made with us and all the details therein. This account also helps you to be in constant communication when your order is being written and also be able to converse with the writer of your paper.