patterson and duer high school teaching and college expectations in writing and reading

Critique Assignment Sheet

Module 2: Writing Assignment #2: Critique of an academic journal article

INSTRUCTIONS:  In MLA format, critique Patterson and Duer’s article, “High School Teaching and College Expectations in Writing and Reading.”

Your critique should address the question, “Is Patterson and Duer’s article important?”

LENGTH:  Somewhere between 3-5 pages.  Think of those pages like minutes.  How long does it take you to read one page of double-spaced text?  Two minutes?  Then imagine that I’m asking you to talk for six to ten minutes about the article.  If you can’t sustain a discussion that long, then you have not presented a thorough-enough analysis.  If you could keep going, then narrow your points of discussion to specific arguments.

**There are no limits for verbatim quotes in this paper.  Use what you need, but be judicious.  I want to read your thoughts, not the original paper again.

WORKS CITED:  You have been learning how to read these entries.  Build your Works Cited list at the end of your paper by copying and pasting from the entries below for items that you consulted or referred to in your paper.  In the next module, you’ll be ready to correctly create these entries on your own.  (Don’t forget to change the font to the MLA required size and type—see the handbook for how a Works Cited list should be formatted.)

Works Cited

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