Peterson v. Donahue

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Mini Cases Assignments

Assignments and/or mini cases are short papers with a minimum of three page in length but an A paper will have several pages.  Your solutions should be backed up by outside research sources that are properly cited using APA style.  Pick ONE of the three cases for the week and turn in. Please post your mini cases in the assignments section.
Answer format:

1. Restate the question or situation in a “question format” or a “description format.”
2. Don’t assume that the reader knows anything about the situation, subject, or how it relates to the law.
3. It is best to relate or base your conclusions on the law. Be sure to use outside sources and remember to reference those sources. The more sources the better.
4. Opinions are welcome and encouraged but opinions do not replace suggestion #3.
5. It is more important that you try and draw your conclusions from relationships between the situation and your interpretation of the law than worry that whether or not your conclusion/answer is right or wrong. Provide references to all researched material.
6. Give thorough answers to the questions. Your answers should be more than one or two sentences! They should be several pages!!!
7. Double spacing is preferred.
8. The more pages the better.

Questions to answer about Peterson v. Donahue
Based on these facts, which defense to a claim of negligence is Donahue must likely to assert?
How is the court likely to apply that defense and rule on Peterson’s claim?