Phylogeny of Papaver somniferum

Three page writeup (1 inch margin; 11 point Arial font; 1.5 line spacing) on the
chosen phylogeny of your group of organisms and placement of your taxon (more than
one phylogeny can be included if necessary). Include an Introduction (description of
group and summary of literature), Methods (summary of data and analytical methods
for the best tree), Results and Conclusions (breakdown of the tree and support for
the placement of your taxon; what have you learned). Note that you must use
references in a scientific format (see the journal “Cladistics”)!

I will sent you my 10 references paper and the whole instruction from the professor. basically you just need to follow the reference and instruction to finish assignment 2, which is write a 3 page of research paper in the specific format. I have the phylogeny tree and all the 10 references and powerpoint slide.


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