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This is the research paper for psychology. as a part of paper. we have been given the specific movies for research from the chapter assigned so i have to write a paper on movie 28 DAYS; which is related to chapter 4: Consciousness & Its Variations .

so your goal is to write abstract or synopsis of the movie in very first paragraph and after that answer following all question with specific details from movie with reference to book.. by using specific terminology used in book..

here are the list of question that needs to be answered in order to complete the paper. you can either give answer of each question paragraph wise or just assign the number to each answer for question in sequence.

Films Depicting Drug Abuse or Addiction:

1. What is the drug of choice for the character(s)? To which class of drugs does this drug belong?
2. What do you know about the typical effects of this class of drugs?
3. Does the character experience the typical effects of the drug he/she is taking?
4. What evidence is provided that this person has crossed the line from recreational drug use to drug abuse or drug addition? Which criteria does he/she meet?
5. Does the character demonstrate a desire to stop using the drug? If so, what types of efforts does he/she make? What special problems hinder his/her ability to stop using the drug (if any)?
6. If the character desires to stop using the drug(s), are there additional characters in the film who make it difficult for this person to stop? How? Are there character in the film who are supportive of the person’s attempt to stop using drugs? How are they supportive? Is it effective?
7. What forms of drug abuse treatment, if any, are portrayed in the movie? Is this type of treatment typically effective based on what the research on drug abuse treatment shows? How realistic is the portrayal of treatment in the film?

Text book: Discovering Psychology (Loose Leaf), Author: Hockenbury, Publisher: Worth Publishers, Incorporated, Edition: 5th, Year Published: 2011,ISBN#9781429256766

APA citation guide is attached, below.

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