Reform and Development of Health Services

Written assignment;Myanmar funding memoInstructionsPlease first review the Myanmar funding memo presentation (I have attached its transcript) . Consider the situation in Myanmar, a country that spends 2.0% of its GDP on health, 90% of it in the form of out-of-pocket spending by households. Public hospitals in Myanmar are the major source of inpatient care (75% of all hospital admissions), but are plagued by poor quality, limited diagnostic capacity, and drug shortages. There are few private hospitals, and those cater mostly to the very rich and are located only in major metropolitan areas. Transportation remains a major barrier for rural populations seeking care in hospitals.In contrast, outpatient care in urban Myanmar is more evenly distributed between public and private sectors. Rural populations are served mostly by primary care centres operated by the government, but these centres face shortages of personnel and drugs, and the services are geographically unevenly distributed.Traditional providers are the other main source of care in rural areas. The government faces a serious funding crunch. Myanmar has among the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the region and is also beginning to encounter large numbers of cases of CVD, diabetes, and cancer.A large external funder is considering providing funding to the health sector in Myanmar by covering drug, diagnostic, food, and transportation expenses for poor patients treated at public hospitals. Is this a good idea? If not, what would you suggest that the funds be used for? Write a 1500-word (not 2000 words as in Myanmar file) advisory memo to the Ministry of Health of Myanmar in support of your position.Word limit: 1,500 words (not 2000 words as in Myanmar file) excluding referencesValue: 35%referencing style ; VancouverCriteria for Marking:1- Coverage and organisation;- Clearly states purpose, scope,and summary of background issue Provides a sophisticated and accurate factual representation and summary of the evidencePresents sophisticated critique and commentary on the relevantliterature provided (as appropriate) Gives sophisticated arguments supported by appropriate, high quality references2- Critical reasoning ;- Uses sophisticated critical reasoning andclear and logical arguments, well supported by high quality, wellchosen evidence Clearly presents evidence and sophisticated logic of argument Discusses the weight of existing evidence indepth, demonstrating a sophisticated critical approach to the evidence3- Relevance, conclusions and recommendation ns Providessophisticated conclusions and recommendation ns drawn logically from the evidence, taking into account the limitations of the evidence Clearly articulates options for risk management,including sophisticated critique of the options and recommendation ns4- Layout, formatting and writing style ; 4 Writes clearly and concisely in plain English appropriate to target audience Uses jargon and acronyms sparingly and explains properly if/whenused Uses referencing style appropriately, consistently, and accurately Cites source documents correctly in text and provides full citation details correctly in References section at the end of report Uses appropriate headings and sections to create a logical and easy to read report structure Uses correct spelling, grammar and written expression

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