Research Paper on Gerlad vizenor (Native American (Anishinaabe) Writer)

Talk about Gerald Vizenor (Native American (Anishinaabe) writer) mainly from the perspective of a Native American Writer. Talk about his early life. How his writing begin. How he was influenced with different kind of writing (for example – his Haiku influence) and he found his way through Native American writing
Talk about his books, writing style, how it is connected with Native American context. Talk about his personal spirit towards Native American Culture. Talk about his research/exploration on Native American history and he got connected. Talk about specific Native American tribe he worked on and give a little brief background about the tribe. What is he talking about that specific tribe? Talk about diferent native American concept he talks about like (Nanabozho/ Trickster)
Talk about his activism. What is he working on what is he trying to accomplish
Talk about his teaching career/ his famous work. Talk about his fictional writing style / Non fictional writing style. What kind of theme he often portrays.
Talk about his criticism towards Native American nationalism and Euro-American colonial attitudes.
Overall, It’s a thorough in-depth research paper on Gerald Vizenor mainly focused on his Native American writing.

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