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onflict Analysis Paper: For this assignment you will write a 5-7 page paper based on your observations of interpersonal communication as depicted in a film that we will be viewing in class. You will analyze various aspects of interpersonal communication including: 1) self-esteem, social comparisons, and self-expectations; 2) verbal communication, listening and disclosure; 3) nonverbal communication, power and attraction; 4) relationship management (escalation & de-escalation) and, of course, focusing on 5) conflict. You will apply each of these concepts to the film in the manner of your choosing but always looking below the surface to examine the character’s motivations and psychology. For some of these, you will want to examine the filmmaker’s composition of particular shots or staging to set up a particular interpersonal tone. Each of the five concepts listed above should receive at least a page of discussion in your analysis paper.


• 5-7 Pages properly formatted using MLA or APA guidelines, spellchecked and without

grammatical errors or typos

• A bibliography of your sources properly cited in the paper. You may use your text

book or other outside sources but you must cite where the supporting information is

coming from. Use in-text parenthetical notation for this task.

• Focus on analysis—use description only to back up your insights on interpersonal

communication and conflict. Do not include a plot synopsis.

• Submitted on time to both Blackboard and as a stapled hard copy in class.
-5-7 Pages, MLA or APA style
-In-Text citation of sources
Focus on analysis-At least a one page discussion of
1.self-esteem, social comparisons, and self-expectations
2.verbal communication, listening and disclosure
3.nonverbal communication, power and attraction
4.relationship management (escalation & de-escalation)