Rock ‘n Roll in the Year of 1963

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Formal Project Guidelines

1. Choose a subject: Either an artist, world event, or a particular time in history. Now, relate your subject to Rock ‘n Roll. Feel free to use all the discussions, lecture materials, and research we have already gathered for your project. It is imperative that you include your research sources in the proper citation/reference mode. This is more than just an artist profile – you need to include the other fields as well (see below). REMINDER: plagiarism is a violation of the MCC Academic Honesty policy. I feel very strongly about this, so cite all your sources, document well, and don’t forget to give me your personal insights as well.

Understand that only 25% of your project can be outside sources; I would like to see your personal work and ability to assimilate material and present it in your own words. Here is a good guideline to keep in mind as you work: Tell me what you are going to say (thesis), say it (body of the paper), tell me what you said (ending summary).

Be sure to include a thesis statement that previews the focus and points you will cover in the paper.

2. Your report should show an in-depth examination of your subject, as well as a look at what world events were taking place at the same time. Correlate what was going on in the fields of Art, Literature, Science, and Technology with your subject. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT – DON’T FORGET TO DO THIS!

3. Your project can be submitted in a variety of formats:

a. Written report: a comprehensive report with enough detail to deal with your subject matter

b. A CD, DVD, website (your own creation) with narration and/or written materials to explain musical excerpts, etc.

c. A combination of materials