Sexual Prejudice

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this is a lab report for psychology subject about Sexual Prejudice. i will upload several materials. those materials will be all information you need to complete the paper. Stimuli A and B document are the questionnaire survey that was handed to the class at the bignining of the semester and the results of the survey is based on students’ answers. The document “Information for Participants and Results Section” is the results for the participants of the survey. The document “Sample write up for results section” this document is the results in words and you need to paraphrase it and write it in your on words and make a table for the results. The document “paper instruction”; is about how to write the report and you need to follow all its instructions. and the last document is lab report overview; it’s a basic overview of the lab report and it has the 6 references that you need to use to complete the paper.

Weiten, W. (2010). Psychology: Themes and Variations. Belmont, CA, USA: Wadsworth.