Social foods

Respond to ONE of the prompts below in a 5 page essay.  The paper must include: a debatable thesis statement supported by reasons and evidence you draw from one or more of the articles we have read and (if applicable) “real world” experience; a logically sound line of reasoning; properly integrated evidence in APA format; a counterargument; clear evidence of critical thinking and reading.  Each prompt poses a number of questions.  Your essay does not have to answer all or exclusively these questions.  They are there to help you brainstorm about some of the challenges related to issues of sustainability and food.

Sidney W. Mintz and Caroline Walker Bynym both write about food’s cultural impact in distant historical time periods.  Mintz claims “As uses change or are added on, as use both deepens and broadens, meanings also change” (46).  Using both Mintz and Bynum, write an essay in which you examine and construct an argument about the cultural impacts of foods.  Can these examinations of centuries-old history help us understand our own cultural situation with regard to sustainability?  Is it important to think about how and when food and food practices enter a culture?  Does the transformation of diet result in the transformation of a cultural self-image?  How and why?

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