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According to the case,please conduct a five-forces analysis for the Indian art-retail industry (ca. 2005). Is the industry attractive?
(Hits: five-forces which is “threat of new competition”;”Threat of substitute or services”;”bargaining power of customer”;”bargainong power of suppliers”;”intensity of competitive rivalry/rivalry among established firms”)

Problem Solving Part 4 – Modes of Thinking 15 – 21

Problem Solving Part 4 – Modes of Thinking 15 – 21

This week’s assignment will incorporate modes of thinking 15-21. Using the format below, further explore your product/invention. Please see the example below for further guidance.
1.Purpose: What is the purpose of your invention? ?Describe purpose using deductive reasoning.
?Describe purpose using inductive reasoning.

2.What are the implications of your invention if it is successful, if it fails? ?Describe how your invention could impact you, your family, your culture, and your country.

3.Using the doubting game and the believing game illustrate a different point of view.
4.How is this different than your point of view?
5.Using automatic and reversal thinking modes what assumptions can be made about your invention?
6.Reflection: Write a short summary on what have you gained from the 21 modes of thinking?

Product/Idea: A talking night light…
1.Purpose: The purpose of the “talking night light” is to have bedtime stories or other information material to read aloud while the night light is on. The brain is able to collect environmental information as we are sleeping. The talking night light could be both soothing and educational! ?Deductive reasoning is… 1.If we have to have a night light on and our brain still senses its environment;
2.The room is lit;
3.The talking night light is feeding us information as we sleep;

2.To the conclusion: Using a talking night light will make us smarter and light up the dark! ?Inductive reasoning is… 1.All night lights I have at home play music
2.To the conclusion: All night lights play music

3.Implications: If my invention is successful children can be soothed to sleep just as if I were reading them a book. Children’s rooms will stay lit during the night so they will not be afraid. Adults will be able to use the night light as well instead of having the tv on all night. All people who use this product will become smarter if they load the night light with informational material: course textbooks, novels, the Bible, etc. ?Implications if my invention does not work are the following: children will be afraid when the wake up in the middle of the night. The night light could cause nightmares. The night light could cause people to not get a good night’s sleep.
?Me: The talking night light could improve my knowledge base.
?Family: My son could sleep in his own room.
?Culture: This could encourage parents to take televisions out of their small children’s rooms.
?Country: We could become a smarter society.

4.Doubting game: Find as many errors in your project as possible ?Other night light manufacturers will say that the talking night light decreases quality of sleep.
?The night light could be a fire hazard.
?The night light…
?The night light could teach a second language while we sleep.
?The night light could improve quality of sleep
?The night light could…

5.From my point of view the night light is a valuable tool adults and children can benefit from. The night light could serve as an educational tool that other societies do not have. And so on….
6.Automatic thinking is… Reversal thinking is… ?An example of an assumption using automatic thinking is…
?An example of a reversed assumption is…

7.During the last 3 weeks I have learned there are many modes of thinking I use in my daily life. This series of assignments has taught me that I need to improve a, b, and c types of thinking. However, I now realize that I have a mastered a, b, and c modes of thinking. An example of this is ….


Please choose a topic and write a Proposal Outlining the choice of a topic, indicating why this topic is of interest and why you choose to research and write on this topic.

• Porter’s value proposition
• In organisations considered as learning systems, strategic management becomes the educating process of change agents, the institutional actors. The balance between rationalisation, innovation and preservation needs to be addressed
• Mintzberg et al., (1998) strategy: an emergent rather than planned organizational phenomenon.
• Pettigrew’s (1985) dominant groups are protected by the ‘existing bias of the structures and cultures of an organization’

• Chandler, A.D. (1962) Strategy and Structure: Does strategy follow structure or does structure follow stategy?
• The differences between the positioning approach to strategy in terms of identifying opportunities, as opposed to the resourced based view of strategy

Virtual Speaker

Virtual Speaker

You may select a video to post (at least 7 minutes – 10 points each) about a specific topic, or Strategic Management experiences, in general. For each video, you should post a discussion board thread with an introduction/brief background of the video and some discussion questions.

I need 2 Videos of “introduction/brief background of the video and some discussion questions”, and each of them 1 and half pages.

Also please choose the topic from the other attachments I gave you.  Thank you very much!


I need 4 papers to be published on international journals by this August.
These 4 papers must be written by “one writer”.
You are free to choose topics and sources, but the topics must be the ones you specialized, and the sources must be the ones you can find by your own.
Please notify me the “topics”,”lengths”, “number of sources”, “numbers of pages” before I pay.

Chart concerning projected growth in chosen profession

Week 6: Week 6 – Week 6 Assignment Project

Week 6 Assignment Project hrm


Numbers play a key role in any business presentation. Revenues, units shipped, profits, and market share are the hits, runs, and errors of the business scorecard, and everyone in business understands their importance.

In any presentation, you want both the number-fluent and number-challenged audience members to understand and agree with you. Skillfully designed numeric graphics can help achieve that. They translate digits and decimals into visual images that make abstract relationships concrete and much easier to recognize.

For your assignment, you will create a chart concerning projected job growth in your chosen profession. You can research this information by clicking here. Create the chart within your presentation. Be sure to properly label the slide and information.

Submit your assignment as an attached document (.ppt or .pptx) in the dropbox. Remember to proof your work for spelling and grammar before submitting. Be sure to select “Week 6 Assignment Project” from the basket dropdown menu located in the dropbox.

Manage Change (Powerhouse Museum Australia)

Reading and analysing a Strategic Plan and communicating changes to a wider audience.

Assessment – Information and suggested Power-point slides
Powerhouse Museum Australia
The Powerhouse Museum is located in Ultimo near Darling Harbour, Sydney. It is a public museum operated by the State Government for the people of New South Wales. Its unique and diverse collection spans history, science, technology, design, industry, decorative arts, music, transport and space exploration. It is also home to the material heritage and stories of Australian culture, history and lifestyle, providing a comprehensive insight into this rich and diverse country.
Assessment I – Suggested Slides
1. Future strategies
2. Change requirements (to facilitate change)
3. External trends that will impact on objectives (i.e. opportunities or threats)
4. Priority list of changes
5. Specialist Requirements


Your final Case write up will be based on the book ” The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni. The book is available through Amazon ( see Amazon posting for new and used for about $ 5.00 – $10 ), at local bookstores, and I believe it is available in the library. This book is a very quick (3-4 hours) and interesting read about a leadership challenge in a high tech silicone valley corporation. But i have it here as a summry i will upload it for you … so write about it as a case….

No TOpics

I need this done by tommorrow please

DQ1 Analyze how managing change can influence the effectiveness of human resources in the organization. Then discuss the impact of organizational development and how it can enhance the effectiveness of organizations within their internal and external forces.

DQ2 Compare and contrast two organizations within a particular industry and discuss how and why one organization kept pace with consumer expectations and the other organization did not. Use the ProQuest Database for information regarding specific organizations.

DQ3 Discuss the value of effective communication and working with teams to create positive change acceptable for most stakeholders; thus, reducing the number of people resisting the change process within organizations.

DQ4 Discuss how organizations can use different types of incentives to influence change behaviors and reinforce those behaviors over time. Why are incentives powerful? What examples of incentives have you experienced either as a leader or a follower that have been effective?

DQ5 Recognize the influence of senior executives on organizational change and discuss possible strategies for building trust within the change process. Explain what pitfalls management must take care to avoid and include why.