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Due Dates & Deliverables . Please upload a table that clearly outlines when assignments and projects are due for your class broken down by week. You should also include point/percentage […]

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Is language a prerequisite for freedom ? Is it possible to be free without using language to think and control one’s own thoughts and actions? ( Simple words please )

Drug Abuse

Must have an intro where you introduce the social problem, a literature review section, a section for theoretical framework, and a conclusion. The 2 sources must be a peer-reviewed academic […]


(2,500-3,000 words) Select one theme of family life from the following Solos, singles and spinsters Living apart together Childless or child-free, Domestic Labour Domestic Violence Stepfamilies Single-parent Families Absent Fathers […]

Soc: Religion and Society

Respond to each of the following questions in an essay of approximately 1 and half page essay per question 1. What are some of the issues raised when taking a […]

Video Response

Need to watch Video 22: What’s Beyond: Cultural Perspectives on Problem Gambling in the Southeast Asian Community Video Video Reaction Paper 22 Questions: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ANSWER QUESTION FROM […]

Video Response

Need to watch Video 15: Done Deal Video Video Reaction Paper 15 Questions: PLEASE ANSWER EACH ? WITH TOPIC AND USE VIDEO a. One thing I learned about how problem […]