Tennis Elbow – related to Occupational Therapy

This paper is for sophomore level class (college) in kinesiology as it relates to Occupational Therapy.

The paper will accompany a research project in muscle physiology and it needs to describe tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) and how that may affect a person’s optimal performance for selected activity. It must include the impact of the condition on occupational performance

It will also need to include the Occupational Therapy and medical interventions that may be considered to address this condition and improve occupational performance. i.e. surgery vs. occupational therapy. Please include length of recovery, rehabilitation options, treatment plans & adaptive equipment such as (SPLINTS).

Suggested- explore the impact if an adult had tennis elbow and how that would effect on an individual’s recreation and social participation as related to occupational performance. Use the vernacular and structure found in the Occupational Therapy Framework Reference tables 1& 2 found at (Table 1. leisure & social participation) & (Table 2. strength & effort) you can find this at


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