texas gun laws analysis paper

Executive Summary (2-­‐3 pages) Policy Research and Evaluation PA 449 a. This portion of the paper should state the problem or issue, give a brief legislative background; identify major alternatives; state preference alternative with justification 2. Introduction and Problem Statement (2-­‐3 pages) a. This is the introduction to the policy analysis and the policy issue itself. Identify with clarity and specify the problem being addressed, along with the issues at stake and the primary options to change the current policy. 4. Levels of policymaking and administration (2-­‐3 pages) a. This portion of the paper should identify the major stakeholders currently involved in managing this policy area. Additionally, this portion of the paper should identify local, state or national interest groups who would have an opinion regarding changes to current policy. 5. Cost/Benefit Analysis: (2-­‐3 pages) a. This portion of the paper should provide a discussion of the intended and unintended consequences of the policy. Where possible, real data (dollar figures, employment data, etc.) should be utilized to illustrate cost savings or cost increases to policy changes 6. Choosing an Alternative and Conclusion (2-­‐3 pages) a. This final portion of the paper should make a compelling argument for policy change or for staying with the status quo.

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