the bauhaus

The readings attached will provide most of the necessary information to write this paragraph. Your paper should be a tightly argued 5-6 page essay. While drawing from the readings and your lecture notes, you may want to do some additional reading to add to your argument, sharpen and clarify your points. While focusing attention on specific drawings, buildings, or ensembles, you should aim to situate the examples you choose in their larger cultural and socio-political contexts, show them to be part of a larger political aesthetic. Make provocative and interesting juxtapositions and in your analysis explain how those juxtapositions reveal meaning.


What is the “Bauhaus Theater of Human Dolls” as described by Juliet Koss (Reading attatched)? And to what extent were these “Bauhaus evenings” – both planned and impromptu theatrical spectacles, with their various maks and costumes, group formations, gender capers and play with androgyny- imitating, commenting on, and critiquing emerging standardized mass cultural forms? ( Refer back to Kracauer’s essay “The Mass Ornament”).

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