The Children of Men: Hope lies in doom

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Subject: Essays

For this assignment, you will write an analytical essay that uses the novel The Children of Men by P. D. James to frame a discussion of the movie based on it: Children of Men (2006) directed by Alfonso Cuarón.

Write an essay in which you analyze the way Cuarón uses James’s novel as a foundation for his movie, but also departs from it in his representation of the characters or scenes you have chosen to write about.
Questions to think about: Does Cuarón make significant changes in the characters or settings? If so, how are those changes related to his vision of a world in which the human species is on the brink of extinction? What do the characters he added to the story suggest about how his vision for this story differs from James’? Think about the same question for settings and scenes.
Suggested characters: Theo; Julian; Kee (film only); Jasper; Jasper & Hilda; Miriam; Milenka (film only)
Suggested scenes: final scene; scenes with Jasper; scenes early in the film with Julian; opening scene