the decline of traditional culture

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QUESTIONS: 1. Outline the events in recent times which have highlighted the issue. (Refer to newspapers, current events reports, documentaries and/or journal articles in your discussion.) [over 150 words] 2. In what ways is Australia involved/ affected by this issue?(could be related to aborigines) (You will need to include information about government responses, and community responses in your discussion.) (You may need to include any statistical and historical information that is appropriate background.) [over 300 words] 3. What are the actions of the international community regarding this issue? (Refer to at least 4 nations and/or NGOs[non-government organizations] in the discussion.) (Include specific information about laws and legislation, treaties and involvement in international activities in relation to this issue.) [over 300 word] 4. What solutions have been proposed to resolve the issue? (Examine at least 3 solutions from nations and /or NGOs In your discussion; assess the feasibility/practicality/difficulties that the solution would present to the nation and/ or the international community.) [over 300 words] 5. In your considered opinion, what is the best option for action within the international community in the present and future? (Justify your answer based on your research and reading? ) [over 150 words] REQUIEMENTS: To divide the entire report into 5 clear parts, please accordingly put each of the 5 subheads/questions above each corresponding part of the text. (Exclusive of those explanations in brackets). Every paragraph must have a clear topic sentence, which should be neither too general nor too specific. Underline every topic sentence. Make the logic straight forward, What I mean is that the whole report only need to discuss the bad effect of declining traditional culture and solutions to prevent the declining, it is not necessary to conclude the both sides of the effects of traditional culture, just as simple as ‘declining good traditional culture is bad and tragic, what can be done to solve it for protecting the diversity of human’s cultural heritage ‘. As for the fourth question of the report, could you please pay attention on the word ‘proposed’, namely all the solutions mentioned in this section should be in future tense, not what have been done. Researching is a quite important evaluating indicator of the report. Please make sure there will be at least 10 sources. Thanks~!