The Immigration Debate

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Summary: The Immigration Debate

            The immigration debate brings about the dichotomy in how different people relate immigration to homeland security. While some believe that immigrants are not a threat to the security of United States of Americas, others are of the idea that immigration is the primary threat to homeland security, either legal or illegal.

Those that are against the issue of immigration state that if the flow of immigrants, both legal and illegal, remains unregulated, United States will be exposed to infiltration of terrorists. In addition, it could also lead to destruction of the Americans civilized culture (Daniels, and Graham 83).

Another thing that comes clear is that some people believe that more concern should only be put on the illegal immigrants. Therefore, the borders should be kept secure to deter immigrants from entering the country. In this case, a lot of emphasis is put on the southern border since it is more susceptible to illegal migration that brings about disastrous weapon, terrorists, drug barons, infectious diseases, and human trafficking. However, this is not possible without a few reforms. Such reforms include the strengthening of border security administration. Besides, unnecessary bureaucracies need be eliminated and replaced with a single border security unit.

Those people that are for immigration think that the issue has been overemphasized.  They believe that even illegal immigration does not pose any threat to the homeland security. There are of the idea that natives commit more crimes than the illegal immigrants. Additionally, they argue that immigrants do not buy the idea of jihadist. They insist that immigrants are darlings of the American lifestyles and enjoy staying in the country. Some criticize the opponents of immigration as proposers of their own political ideology.

In conclusion, the debate does not explicitly determine whether to oppose or support the matter at hand. However, it makes it clear that migrations laws should be followed to the letter in order to curb the menace of illegal immigration.

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