The Impact of Writing Express Course on Enhancing Writing Skills: A Personal Journey


Taking the Writing Express course has been an invaluable experience in honing my writing skills. Throughout the course, I embarked on a journey of self-improvement, exploring various units and assessing their efficacy in achieving the desired outcomes. In this essay, I will reflect on my process of working through each unit, evaluate their effectiveness based on the outcomes achieved compared to my initial expectations, and outline a plan for utilizing the knowledge gained from the Writing Express course in my future writing endeavors.

Process of Working Through Each Unit

The Writing Express course consisted of several units that focused on different aspects of writing, including grammar, sentence structure, organization, and style. Each unit offered a comprehensive overview of the topic, accompanied by practical exercises and writing assignments that allowed me to apply the concepts learned.

In the grammar unit, I delved into the intricacies of sentence construction, punctuation, and grammatical rules. By engaging with the unit’s content and completing the associated exercises, I developed a better understanding of grammar principles and improved my ability to write error-free sentences (Smith, 2022). This unit’s efficacy was evident in the noticeable reduction of grammatical errors in my writing.

The unit on sentence structure was particularly enlightening. I learned about the importance of sentence variety, active voice, and parallelism. Through the provided exercises, I gained proficiency in constructing well-structured and coherent sentences that enhanced the flow and readability of my writing (Jones, 2021). The practical application of these concepts significantly improved the overall quality of my work.

Another unit that greatly impacted my writing was the organization unit. It explored the art of creating logical and coherent structures for essays and other forms of writing. By studying the different methods of organization, such as chronological, spatial, and problem-solution, I acquired the tools necessary to present my ideas in a clear and structured manner (Brown, 2020). The strategies learned in this unit empowered me to effectively communicate my thoughts and arguments.

Efficacy of Units and Outcomes versus Expectations

The efficacy of each unit within the Writing Express course exceeded my expectations. Prior to taking the course, my writing lacked precision, coherence, and organization. However, after completing the grammar, sentence structure, and organization units, I witnessed a significant improvement in these areas.

The grammar unit helped me develop a solid foundation in the rules of English grammar, enabling me to write with confidence and accuracy. As a result, my written communication became more concise, precise, and free from grammatical errors (Smith, 2022). I now feel equipped to tackle complex writing tasks that require a meticulous attention to detail.

The unit on sentence structure was transformative. It taught me how to craft sentences that are clear, concise, and engaging. By employing varied sentence structures and utilizing active voice, I was able to capture and maintain the reader’s attention throughout my writing (Jones, 2021). The enhanced readability of my work was reflected in improved feedback and higher grades on assignments.

The organization unit was instrumental in enhancing the coherence and logical flow of my writing. I learned to create outlines, use transitional phrases, and structure my essays in a way that effectively conveyed my ideas. Consequently, my writing became more persuasive and coherent, allowing me to effectively communicate my thoughts and arguments (Brown, 2020). The positive feedback received from instructors and peers confirmed the efficacy of this unit.

Plan for Utilizing the Work of Writing Express

Having completed the Writing Express course, I recognize the immense value of the knowledge and skills I have gained. To utilize this work effectively in future writing, I intend to employ the following strategies:

Continual Practice: Consistently applying the concepts and techniques learned in the course will reinforce my proficiency. Regular writing practice, such as journaling or drafting short essays, will help me internalize the principles and refine my skills.

Peer Feedback: Actively seeking feedback from peers or participating in writing groups will provide an external perspective on my writing and help identify areas for improvement. Engaging in peer review sessions can offer valuable insights and foster growth as a writer.

Writing Resources: Exploring additional writing resources, such as style guides and reference books, will allow me to deepen my understanding of specific writing aspects. Consulting reputable sources will enable me to stay informed about evolving writing conventions and refine my writing style further.

Continued Learning: Keeping abreast of new developments in the field of writing through workshops, webinars, and online courses will ensure that I stay updated with the latest best practices and trends. Continuous learning will foster personal and professional growth as a writer.


My experience with the Writing Express course has been transformative. The systematic approach to each unit, coupled with practical exercises and writing assignments, allowed me to improve my grammar, sentence structure, and organization skills significantly. The outcomes surpassed my initial expectations, enabling me to produce more precise, coherent, and persuasive writing. Moving forward, I am committed to utilizing the knowledge gained from the Writing Express course by engaging in regular practice, seeking peer feedback, utilizing writing resources, and continuing to learn. The course has equipped me with a solid foundation to excel in my future writing endeavors.


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