The Odyssey

Analytical Essay #3: The Odyssey


What does The Odyssey teach us about the ancient Greek’s unique conception of life, humanity, the world, and/or existence itself? Write an essay in which you consider this question by analyzing how The Odyssey answers any (or several) of the following questions in detail. What are the similarities between Odysseus and Gilgamesh? How are they different? Why do evil and suffering exist? What is a hero, and how do individuals become heroic? Can human beings relate to the force (or forces) that govern the world? How? How does gender affect individual identity and the social order? What happens when individuals threaten the community? What is virtue, or, how can human beings live well?

Remember, when you summarize, paraphrase, and quote you should include a parenthetical citation in your essay using the editor’s last name and the page number, like this (Damrosch 21).

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