the theme of the paper is how people interact with the geology of this planet.

***** The Volcano that I have picked is Mount St. Helens*******

Write about how people live there (how do they deal with something that has
killed family and friends)
What crops are grown there (compare to non-volcanic soils somewhere else in
the world)
Soil chemistry of volcanic soils (what makes it fertile)
What safety measures are in place
Don’t write about what a volcano is!



These are the criteria for papers written in this course. As stated in the syllabi for the course you can earn up to 20 points.

The following rules apply and are the criteria that MUST BE FOLLOWED in order to earn up to 20 points for the paper.

1. Must have a cover page with title, your name, and course ID.

2. Must be written in SINGLE SPACE. All paragraphs are blocked.

3. The body of the text is not less then 5 PAGES. The cover page, table of contents, and appendix do not count as part of the five pages.

4. The introduction or abstract is a summery of the body of the text. Required.

5. Use only “Arial” or “Times New Roman” at 12 point size font.

6. No illustrations, graphics, or photos are in the body of the text.

7. All illustrations, graphics, and photos go in an appendix at the rear of the paper.

8. All illustrations, graphics, and photos must have a figure number and caption.

9. All illustrations, graphics, and photos must be referred to in the text.

10. You are allowed one (1) Internet Reference as a webpage that has no downloadable material. All other references are from articles and books found in a library or online library. Many libraries and websites have downloadable articles and professional papers. There is a minimum of 5 reference required for the paper.

11. The text book is not a reference. However, the text book has references that the author used to write the textbook.

12. No bullets or list of facts or calculations!

13. There will be a reference or bibliography page. This does not count as one of the five text pages.

14. The margins are 1” (one-inch) for the right, left, footer, and header.



All 15 criterions must be met to have the maximum chance of receiving 20 points. The following is the style requirement for citations and references.

Internet Reference

Follow this style: Name of the Article, Author or Organization name, Name of the Website, hyperlink (highlight the name of the article and right click on it and chose hyperlink option. Copy/paste the website address from the browser’s address bar into the http:// line. Click OK). YORK COLLEGE THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK DEPARTMENT OF EARTH & PHYSICAL SCIENCES



Documentation for the 2002 Update of the National Seismic Hazard Maps,

Arthur D. Frankel (et al.), United States Geological Survey (USGS),Hyperlink is the blue underlined title. Click on it to see how it works.

The Internet Citation In The Text

When referring to the document in the text of your paper cite this persons work as follows: (Author Name, date of publication). The citation goes after each paragraph where you paraphrased by the author.


(Arthur D. Frankel, 2002) red words are for illustration only.

Reference of a Book or Article

When writing a reference for a book or articles use this criterion.

Author (s) [Last Name First], Year Publish, Title, Publisher (if an article in a magazine give the volume number and magazine number, ie. Vol 10,number 23)


Bender, Bernice and Perkins, David, (1987). SEISRISK III: A Computer Program for Seismic Hazard Estimation: U.S. Geological Survey BULLETIN 1772

Citation in text

The following is the criterion of the citation in the text.

(Bender and Perkins, et al, 1987)

After you have written your first draft take it to the Writing Center or English department and have someone look it over for grammar or wordiness. Email me the final draft for grading as an MS Word attachment or other word processor.

What I am doing by setting these criteria is giving you a taste of what style of writing you could be doing in your profession when it comes to writing reports or briefs.

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