three page report on any business topic of your choice

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The format below appears in your syllabus for the 3 Page Research Paper.  Use 12 font, double space and include a cover page with your name and student ID.
To strengthen your paper include solid examples to help illustrate your points.
4. TERM PROJECT One (three page) Research Paper. You will be writing a three page report on any business topic of your choice. Business Topics and examples are provided under “ Course Documents”
Please use at least three OUTSIDE articles and/or OUTSIDE research on the topic you have chosen and structure the paper in the in the following way: The research must be within 3 years.
1. Summarize the topic you have read about in two or three paragraphs.
2. Next, give at least one point you found relevant in the reading and an explanation why it is relevant from our discussions and/or the book. For example, compare what you have read to what has been written in the book, or discuss where you have seen the issue in daily life. You may have a few relevant points to discuss. (This will take one to two pages of your report.)
3. Effective college research papers include examples that support your premise and statements. Be sure to include solid examples of your talking points.
4. End with a conclusion paragraph wrapping up the paper. (at least five sentences long)
5. Write the Author, Article title and Source documentation at the end of the article in standard bibliography form. – This can be found on the EDCC library website.
6. Spelling and grammar will be considered in your grade. Please be sure to have your paper proof read prior to turning it in.