Totalitarian Autocracies: Fascism and Communism.

Annotated Bibliography

This assignment consists in writing what is commonly known as an Annotated Bibliography in which you will identify each source consulted (name of author, title of the book, magazine, article in a journal, or newspaper) and then write a brief description or explanation of the information you found in that source.
•These are some of the comments that you can include in your Annotated Bibliography:
•Were you able to use any of the information you found in the article?
•Was the information directly related to the topic you were researching?
•Are you going to use that information as supporting data in your essay?
•For detailed instructions on how to write an Annotated Bibliography click the following link:

The List of Sources or Annotated Bibliography must be submitted on the same day that you submit your essay.

A minimum of five sources must be provided and discussed.

You must submit a list of references consulted during your research on the same day that you submit your essay.

This assignment is commonly referred to as an annotated bibliography because you are expected to provide a brief account of what was that you found, or did not find, in each source consulted.

At least five sources must be discussed in your list.  Points will be deducted for work that is not written using proper English grammar, punctuation, and spelling.  Work that does not provide a minimum of five sources will receive a grade of F (zero).

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