Training of Police

The training of police officers plays an important role in policing and helps shape their personality. Training provides officers with the basic skills necessary to perform daily police functions, such as writing tickets, handling suspects and victims, search and seizure, arrest, and use of force. Compared to the past, police preparation has changed significantly; police officers receive better and more training than was earlier thought to be necessary. The types of training programs have also changed, prompting debate on which type of training is ideal.

Compare the objectives of police academy training with that of field training officer (FTO) programs.
Briefly explain why it is important for police departments to supplement academy training with in-service training.
Highlight some of the current issues and controversies that have emerged in the area of police training over the last decade.
Deliverables and Format:
Submit your answers in a two- to three-page Microsoft Word document.
Font: Arial; 12-point
Line Spacing: Double

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