United Plastics Mfg., Inc. Case study Analysis

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Case Analysis

When evaluating case, students should address the following areas:

  1. Background of the situation, including organizational factors and the external environment,
  2. The various concerns, issues, and problems evident in the situation
  3. The main area of concern ( main problem)
  4. Alternative courses of action
  5. Evaluation of alternatives based upon the criteria selected for this purpose
  6. Selection of a course of action
  7. Plans for implementing the course of action
  8. Identification of possible follow-up problems.

As students prepare cases for written assessments, they should consider the following:

  • Carefully evaluate all information presented in the case
  • List all possible problems and concerns, being sure to look at causes of the problem area, not symptoms
  •  Use at least 2 current articles and total 4 references
  • Assesses each alternative based on the information in the case and the criteria established