Utopia Thomas More

After introduction


Look at the introduction and conclusion.
Pick out the structure of the reading.
The text breaks down to X amount of parts.

DO NOT TALK about what we already know! NO GOOD!

I think this is a good argument because X, Y, and Z…

That’s all 1 page… ^^^

Now the rest of the 9 pages… below

Pick out what is important and what is not important. (Maybe 5 essential key parts of the argument)
Take it paragraph by paragraph.

Does this interpretation make sense to you, do you agree, or do you have a better interpretation? Based the primary text. Refer to the primary text.

More (iii): Utopia

Primary texts  More, Utopia, Appendix to edition containing ancillary materials, pp. 112-132

ATTACHED: Secondary literature: Eric Nelson, ‘Greek nonsense in More’s Utopia’, in Nelson, The Greek Tradition in Republican Thought (Cambridge: CUP, 2004), pp. 19-48

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