Why do you want to study law?

Guidelines for Your Personal Statement

1 page Word document (4,000 characters including spaces, max. 47 lines)


Why do you want to study law?

Why do you want to study in the UK?

What are your strengths and skills? What you can bring to the department/program?

Show evidence of knowledge and experience (academic and/or work within) of this subject (for this

point, you need to mention any relevant classes/research you have undertaken during your studies; any

relevant work experience; any areas of the subject you want to study further; show that you know about

the current developments within the subject/recent journals or books read; mention any

academics/leaders in the field whose insights/writings you enjoy and find interesting, especially ones

from the university to which you are applying)

How will the degree help you in your future career?

What are your career aspirations?

Conclude with a few sentences that summarize your reasons for applying and why you would be a

suitable candidate for the degree program – try to end it with a flourish!

An Important Point:

Keep your statement focused on the subject for which you are applying. Leave out flowery, overly

personal, narrative details. We Canadians enjoy this, but the British tend to be less emotional in this

regard. Plus, admissions tutors do not have much time to read the statement, so it needs to be clear

and the important points easy to find.

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