Write a 2-3 page paper about a policy issue.

Homework Assignment Policy Paper Due: October 22, 2016
Write a 2-3 page paper about a policy issue of your choice. This can include education, healthcare, the environment, foreign affairs (military or trade), etc. This is not a typical persuasive essay, but it is similar. The objective is to identify a problem and offer solutions, so keep that in mind when writing. It also does not have to follow the typical 5-paragraph style. It can be written in sections with titles for each section (see example below). Evidence to support your solution is required. Small graphs and visuals can be included and will add to your argument. You must use at lease 3 sources and include a works cited page.
A note on sources: Websites ending in .gov and .edu are acceptable. .org is normally acceptable, but use caution. Do not use .com websites. The basic elements of a policy paper include: Desrption of the context and importance of the problem Discussion of a range of policy options The policy recommendation

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