Write a college level (introduction, body and conclusion) essay for each question

Write a college level (introduction, body and conclusion) essay for each question. Feel free to include as much information from your reading and writing assignments. Be sure to footnote all information used from any source.Each essay is worth 25 points.

1). How did the Great Awakening and Enlightenment change the political, scientific, and education foundation in America?

2). During the Revolutionary period, 1763-1783, the colonists transitioned from peaceful resistance to outright war and revolution. Discuss the role of African Americans, Native Americans, loyalists, Quakers and other religious groups. How did the oppressive legislation unify the colonists?

3). What was secession, and how did it impact the Civil War? Did the southerners maintain control from 1861-1877? Explain your response in detail.

4). Explain why annexing Texas and all Southwest territories were important to achieving Manifest Destiny.

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