Write a research paper explaining the coaching technique based on positive psychology.

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Write a research paper explaining the coaching technique based on positive psychology.Hello, please see the message below: Let me know if you have any questions. Coaching Psychology Reflection: Word count: Please note that exceeding the word count by over 10% will result in a 10-percentage point deduction. – The word count includes everything in the main body of the assessment (including in text citations and references) – The word count excludes, reference list and appendices. ALL other printed words ARE included in the word count. You are asked to write a reflection. Reflection and evaluation are core skills for a practising coach and professional Coaching Psychologists are engaged in a continuous learning process in which they are able to discern their strengths and weaknesses, to help them to progress. Therefore, your reflection should highlight what was successful in your role play and what could be improved for the future. Your reflection should also demonstrate your awareness of ethical issues and how you applied these in the planning and delivery of the conversation. You will be marked on the following: • Awareness of the importance of establishing good rapport and consideration of ethical guidance, for example, issues of privacy and confidentiality. • Identification of the strengths of your coaching (and of the model you used) and what the coachee gained from the session. • Identification of the areas of development for your coaching (and the limitations of the model you used), for example, what skills you would like to develop further. • Identification of what you have learned from the module as a whole and how the coaching skills you have developed will apply to your professional development and/ or career aspirations. This how the Chouching session went: Please see below: I will need the notes for the Reflection Session 1: When I choached Ali, I was nervous at the beginning and I forgot to congratulate her tha she was offered to write a book. Ali was not sure about the offer, because of time. She has a family and kids and works part time a tutor at the University. Ali also does some coaching work and some consulting work as well. Ali wanted to have more clarity about the decision. I asked how big the book is, I think that was a choose of her. It would be a 12 month contract Ali could also extend the length to 48 month Ali did some similarly work, she did lots of writing Ali also recently finished her Dr title in psychology, with lots of report writing. Ali things he score is between 8 and 10 which is already very good. Ali has got a few option, one option is to say no I don’t want to write a book to the publisher another option is to say yes and sign the contract for 1 year or 2 years or put off the decision and have another chat and decide then. Ali aslo think she chould sick some advice from friends, old freinds who wrote a book. To find out more about them. That could help ali to have a better idea about it. Ali thinks the first step would be to reach out to an ex colleague to get more clarity and what’s involved. Or another colleague his name is Tom who has also written a couple of books could help Ali to find out more. Ali is planning to get in touch after the christmas and new years eve. I also forgot to summarize each time. I learnd to be a better listener I also felt that I asked some questions to fast, which makes it deffucult to understand. Coaching was not something I did before, but I love helping other people. Session 2: we turned the role play, I was the client and Ali the coach, but I liked the ideas that came into my mind. I have to present for the first time and was thinking long time ago what could I do to improve. I had the idea to record my self to see how it sounds etc. The session help me to think how to prepare myself better.