WRITER BID WANTED Microsoft Project Planning

Aims and Objectives
The aim of this assignment is to develop your planning and analytical skills in the context of a complex project orientated environment. Using Microsoft Project 2010

Brief You are required to develop a defendable project schedule for a project of your choice, which will facilitate successful execution of the project. The project may be one you are, or have, been involved with, or may be taken from a case study of your choice. The submission must include a project schedule of at least 50 activities and clearly identify the logic of activity sequencing and relationships between the activities. All dependencies, constraints and resources are to be included.

The report structure is to be as follows…

Part a)
Assumptions- Provide a list of the assumptions you have made in constructing the schedule.

Section 1- A detailed project schedule applying procedural logic, and clearly showing dependencies, constraints and resource implications.

Part b)
Section 2- Select and apply an advanced planning, control and analysis methodology, tool and/or technique to your project schedule.

Section 3- Selecting a work-package from your project schedule utilising modelling and/or simulation to determine the likelihood of hitting the most likely completion date.

Section 4- Prepare a report that critically evaluates the robustness of your solution and the tools/techniques you have used to construct the project schedule.

References- Provide a list of the references you have used in the submission (Harvard system references).

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