Is it possible to communicate with a customer directly?

  Yes of course it’s possible. We will create a personal account for you once you place an order with us, this will help you to access the system all times and connect you with the person writing your paper throughout while he/she will be working on it. It is however, advisable you stay online in order to follow whatever is happening and to answer to any questions the writers have on time so as to avoid any delay.

Do you guarantee customer confidentiality?

Definitely, your personal information that is: name, address, any telephone numbers, credit card information and e-mail addresses or any other information will not be shared or given to other parties apart from only those dealing with your order. Our company has a strict privacy policy to ensure this.

How do I access my completed order?

As soon as we have proofread your paper, it will be posted to your personal account that was created for you by our company. Alternatively it can also be sent to you through your e-mail address but only on request

Do you specialize in writing any type of paper?

No, we don’t deal with any particular tasks. Our company is well equipped and has enough writers with different specializations and is therefore capable and comfortable to handle any writing job irrespective of the level either undergraduate or doctorate student. Get a list of the services that we provide on our services page. Once you go through it feel free to place an order with us.

Can I request you to work on a specific assignment?

Of cause you can. Our professional writers are qualified and skilled in different fields and we always assess your order before we allocate it to one of our writers in order to check and be sure that we have all the capacity required. But if we are not in a position to do your a specific paper we let you know in time so that you are able to find alternative method of getting your work done.

What are your writers qualifications?

Our company has professional writers whose minimum qualification is a Bachelor’s degree. Most of them have doctorates and are hired through a carefully done selection out of a list of many who apply. We only settle for the very best so as to give you the best services. Our writers are drawn from various study fields in order to cater for many customers from different fields of study. We can guarantee your paper can only be done by a writer that is well equipped and skilled in the particular field your paper lies. We have excellence control persons as well as editors, whose responsibility is to make sure that your order is free from plagiarism and it’s done  perfectly before we send it to you.

How do you ensure my paper beats the deadline?

We always consider you papers deadline way before we start to work on it. If by any chance we find that it’s impossible to work with your specified deadline we let you know in time so that you can either add us sometime or advise us on the way forward. This is because we like to provide our clients with well done work unlike work that is rushed n badly done. We also try to avoid unwanted inconveniences. We inform you early enough before we even start to write the paper. Our policy is to only take orders which we are sure of the deadline.

Can i get refund?

We have a refund policy that states that If for some reason the paper we send you doesn’t meet the conditions you specified and you find that it’s wrongly formatted or if  deliver your order late if we tackle the question wrongly you have all the right to ask for a refund 3-4 days once the paper has been finished. This situation is unlikely to happen.

What is the process used in your writing?

The first step starts once you visit our site and you place an order with us. After receiving your order we allocate it to the most appropriate and available writer as per your specific line of study. The writer after reading your guidelines starts working on your paper immediately. Your paper is only done in accordance to your given specifications and by putting your set deadline in mind. When done we have editors who take on the job of proofreading to correct any grammatical mistakes and to confirm it’s free from plagiarism using our anti-plagiarism software. Your completed essay is then sent to you using your preferred method way before your specified deadline.



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