As a company we take into consideration the fact that students’ have limited funds and also the fact that they have other money related needs.

Due to the above given reason, our company has decided to make our prices very favorable to all students needing the service; you will not find these prices anywhere else our company offers the best.

Our prices are set according to how difficult the paper is and the amount of time allocated to it we definitely give you the best bargain on our prices.

Our pricing is categorized in terms of your level of study which includes: high school, under graduate, post graduate and PhD. Urgency is also a determinant in our pricing.

Urgency refers to how fast you order is needed. Level of study too plays a big role in deciding the price of your order as much as the time you allocate us before we can send it to you. But you don’t need to worry since we had your best interests at heart before we settled on the prices so it’s very pocket friendly you can rest assured.

The table below has all our pricing details of various papers and in different levels.

Last Completed Projects

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