“Overcoming Adversity: A Pharmacist’s Journey to FPGEE Certification – Lamees Ameer Altoki’s Inspiring Story”

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Subject: Request for Reconsideration of TOEFL Scores for FPGEE Certification

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Lamees Ameer Altoki, and I am writing to appeal for your understanding and reconsideration regarding my TOEFL IBT scores for FPGEE certification. I am a pharmacist from Iraq who successfully passed the FPGEE in April of 2016. However, I have been unable to obtain the required TOEFL IBT scores due to circumstances beyond my control.

The Challenges Faced section of my request for reconsideration entails several significant hurdles that have impacted my ability to achieve the required TOEFL IBT scores for FPGEE certification.

The first and foremost challenge was the unexpected closure of ETS centers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic spread globally, restrictions were imposed, and testing centers were shut down to ensure public safety. Unfortunately, this left me unable to schedule the TOEFL test, leading to a delay in my pursuit of meeting the speaking score requirement. The closure of these centers not only disrupted my study plans but also intensified the stress and anxiety I faced during this uncertain period.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, I have been living with an immune disease, which has presented its own set of challenges throughout my life. Coping with the symptoms and managing my health while preparing for the TOEFL test proved to be physically and emotionally demanding. Despite these difficulties, I persevered, understanding the importance of the English language in my professional growth and contribution as a pharmacist.

Tragically, my resilience was further tested when I experienced a miscarriage last October. This devastating event deeply impacted my emotional well-being and further complicated my focus on studying for the TOEFL exam. Juggling the emotional turmoil of the miscarriage, along with the determination to succeed in the test, placed a heavy burden on me both personally and professionally.

Despite these adversities, I remained dedicated to improving my English proficiency. I took the TOEFL test once again on 12/17/2022, achieving significant improvement in my scores. While I did not reach the required 26 in Speaking, my overall performance demonstrated a commendable effort and progress.

The Personal Hardship section of my appeal highlights the profound emotional and physical toll I experienced due to a heartbreaking miscarriage last October while simultaneously striving to meet the TOEFL requirements for FPGEE certification.

The loss of a pregnancy is an intensely personal and traumatic event, and it shook me to my core. Emotionally, I had to navigate through feelings of grief, sadness, and emptiness, which made concentrating on my studies for the TOEFL test exceptionally challenging. Coping with such a significant loss added immense pressure to an already stressful situation.

Balancing the demands of studying for the TOEFL and dealing with the aftermath of the miscarriage put considerable strain on my mental and physical health. The emotional distress affected my ability to focus and retain information effectively. Nevertheless, I was determined to persevere, driven by my passion for pharmacy and the desire to provide a better future for my family.

Moreover, the hormonal and physiological changes accompanying a miscarriage also impacted my overall well-being. The physical toll, coupled with the grief I experienced, further impeded my progress in achieving the required TOEFL speaking score. Despite these challenges, I refused to give up, demonstrating my unwavering dedication to both my professional aspirations and personal growth.

Throughout this period, I sought support from my loved ones and healthcare professionals to help me cope with the emotional upheaval and the demands of studying. Their encouragement and understanding were invaluable in enabling me to push forward and face the challenges head-on.

The Recent TOEFL Attempt section highlights my dedication and persistence in improving my English language proficiency. On 12/17/2022, I made another determined effort to take the TOEFL test and achieved a total score of 95, which showcased significant progress compared to my previous attempts.

While I fell slightly short of the required 26 in the Speaking section, I demonstrated commendable improvement in all other sections, including Reading, Listening, and Writing. This improvement is a testament to my unwavering commitment to enhancing my language skills despite the challenges I faced.

The TOEFL test is a comprehensive evaluation of language abilities, and achieving a score of 95 reflects my dedication to mastering English to the best of my ability. My scores in Reading, Listening, and Writing, which are crucial components of language proficiency for any professional, demonstrate my determination to excel in these areas.

Having secured a Speaking score of 25, I believe I am on the cusp of meeting the required benchmark. I am confident that with the right support and understanding, I can bridge this minor gap and demonstrate my English speaking competence effectively.

Throughout my journey, I have been a devoted mother and a diligent employee, managing my responsibilities while consistently working to improve my language skills. My recent TOEFL attempt demonstrates the progress I have made and the sincere effort I have invested in this pursuit.

In conclusion, my recent TOEFL attempt showcases substantial progress in my English language proficiency. Although I did not reach the required 26 in the Speaking section, I have displayed significant improvement in other language domains. I sincerely hope that the National Boards of Pharmacy will recognize my dedication and consider my recent scores along with the challenges I have faced when reconsidering my eligibility for FPGEE certification. With your understanding and support, I am eager to prove my competence as a qualified pharmacist and contribute positively to the healthcare profession.

I humbly request the National Boards of Pharmacy to consider my recent TOEFL scores and take into account the extenuating circumstances I have faced. I have worked tirelessly for years to enhance my language skills, all while balancing the responsibilities of being a mother and a dedicated employee.

To provide further evidence of the hardships I have endured, I will be submitting detailed reports from my doctors, attesting to the challenges I faced due to my immune disease and the distress caused by the miscarriage.

I implore the board to review my case with compassion and grant me the opportunity to prove my competence as a qualified pharmacist. Obtaining the FPGEE certificate is not only a personal goal but also a testament to my commitment to the pharmacy profession and the welfare of patients.

Thank you for considering my request. I eagerly await a favorable response and the chance to demonstrate my proficiency and dedication. Please feel free to contact me if any additional information is required.


Lamees Ameer Altoki