American Slavery

Explain the following:

1) Why and how did American slave-owners attempt to control their human property? and

2) How did American slaves create a culture that allowed them to survive as human property?

modest proposal

introdction 2 paragraph
body 5 paragraph
object people have regarding the solution 2 paragraph
explanation of why your proposal is still the best solution in spite of object 1 paragraph
conclusion 1 paragraph

Greco-Roman Influence

In a two- to three-page paper discuss the Mediterranean society under the Greeks and Romans. How were they alike? How were they different? How did they each influence the western world? Your paper must be in proper APA format with a separate title and reference page. Use at least one additional source other than your text and supplementary readings.

Bentley, J., Ziegler, H., and Streets, H. (2008). Traditons and Encounters: A Brief Global History (3rd ed.). New York: McGraw Hill. ISBN. 9780073534534

Sanders, T., Nelson, S., Morillo, S., and Ellenberger, N. (2006). Encounters in World History: Sources and Themes from the Global Post Volume One: to 1500 (1st ed.) New York: McGraw Hill ISBN: 0072451017

Unemployment 2008-present

You will have an opportunity to conceptually anticipate and predict the future of our country. You will focus not only on past history, but also on the decisions and events of today that will impact the history of tomorrow. You are to use as a resource the information learned and gathered from your work in this course along with additional resources. Your paper will reflect how the events of today may impact the next generation.

Chinese/Japanese History Story Analysis

In writing your responses, do not summarize too much. Instead, think of questions and topics that will stimulate lively and fruitful discussions. Be sure to bring up anything that puzzles you.

This is a reading assignment, please read the Mair 54-59 (upload material) for writing the first page and Keene chapter 7 (pages 175 – 187, upload material) for the second page. You can separate two pages as writing two essay. Thank you.

Slavery, Africans in America 1607 – 1861

Analyze the social, cultural, business, and historical elements of FonerSlavery and the Origins of the Civil War.” Compare and or contrast these elements with your own feelings about the same subject. (This question may or may not require research since the original essay has been provided; however, APA format is required.) This is a formal paper. Do Not Use Personal Pronouns. The paper will be assessed for content and grammar/usage.


I will attach a word document of the assignment. PLEASE FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS. Its a video you have to watch and then answer the questions. its only 5 questions so it should be done in one page. If its 2, just inform me and i’ll gladly pay the difference. thank you.