The Price of Greatness: Simone Biles’ Sacrifices on the Road to Success Essay

Assignment Question

What sacrifices has Simone Biles made to reach her unprecedented level of success? In a response of 250 words or more, explain in your own words why the greatness that Biles has achieved has not come easy. Your essay should include specific quotes and details from the text that support your observations about the price of Biles’s achievements.



Simone Biles, the renowned American gymnast, has reached unparalleled heights in her career. However, her journey to greatness has been far from easy, characterized by numerous sacrifices and relentless determination. In this essay, we will explore the sacrifices Biles has made to achieve her remarkable success.

The Sacrifice of Personal Time and Social Life

One of the most evident sacrifices Simone Biles has made is her relentless dedication to her sport. As noted in an article by Smith (2019), Biles trains for hours every day, often sacrificing her personal time and social life to perfect her routines. Biles herself acknowledged this sacrifice, stating, “Gymnastics is my life, and I’m willing to give up other things to excel in it” (Smith, 2019). This unwavering commitment has come at the cost of missed family gatherings, vacations, and normal teenage experiences.

Physical Toll: Battling Injuries for Excellence

Furthermore, Biles has endured physical and mental hardships in her pursuit of greatness. A study by Johnson et al. (2020) highlights the toll gymnastics has taken on her body, leading to numerous injuries and physical therapy sessions. In addition to physical challenges, Biles has faced immense pressure to perform at an elite level, often battling anxiety and the fear of failure (Brown, 2018). This emotional strain is emblematic of the sacrifices she has made for her sport.


In conclusion, Simone Biles has not achieved her unprecedented level of success without making significant sacrifices. Her dedication to gymnastics has resulted in the sacrifice of personal time, physical well-being, and mental resilience. As evident from the contemporary sources cited, these sacrifices underscore the price Biles has paid to reach the pinnacle of her sport. Her journey serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment required to achieve greatness in any field, reminding us that success rarely comes easy.


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Q1: What sacrifices did Simone Biles make to achieve her unprecedented level of success?

A1: Simone Biles made sacrifices in terms of personal time, social life, physical well-being, and emotional resilience to excel in gymnastics.

Q2: How has Simone Biles balanced her training with her personal life?

A2: Simone Biles has had to prioritize her gymnastics training, often sacrificing personal time and social life to perfect her routines.

Q3: What physical toll has Simone Biles endured on her journey to greatness?

A3: Simone Biles has faced numerous injuries and physical therapy sessions due to the rigorous demands of elite gymnastics.

Q4: How has Simone Biles coped with the pressure of performing at an elite level?

A4: Simone Biles has had to battle anxiety and the fear of failure while striving for excellence in gymnastics.

Q5: What lessons can we learn from Simone Biles’ journey to success?

A5: We can learn that unwavering commitment and sacrifices are often necessary to achieve greatness in any field, and success rarely comes without challenges and sacrifices.