1 Question / BSBLDR403 – Lead team effectiveness

What are the factors that a team leader should consider when they have to take an unresolved issue to management? Provide at least five examples.

Feedback from Assessor to pass this question,

This question is more about what you need to consider or gather and what you need to present to management when you go to raise this with them. such as having all facts to respresent the teams concerns accurately. What else to you need to make sure you have to present this to management? this question is when you are considering taking an unresolved issue to management what do you need to consider? Having evidence of being measured against standards is good, what about facts, concerns, resolutions?
Considered factors for this question could be such as:
representing the teams concerns accurately
obtaining all the facts prior to making presentation
being very clear as to the exact nature of the problem
being able to convey the issue and its potential impact in a succinct manner
having options for a solution ready to offer
This question is a bit ambiguous but its more about what you need to consider prior to presenting information to management and what you would need to ensure you have to present when you have an unresolved issue to discuss and need assistance with, so a version of above and some of your considerations would be sufficient.

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